1C Company specializes in distribution, support, publishing and development of business software and games. Founded in 1991 1C has become the leading Russian company publishing and distributing computer games in Russia. We publish and distribute in Russia games of all leading Russian independent development studios and titles of international publishers as Take 2 Interactive, Ubi Soft Entertainment, Empire Interactive, Novalogic, Cryo, Wanadoo, Fishtank Interactive and many others.

     1C Company entered games publishing business in 1996 and has a strong line of successful titles. Year 2000 and 2001 releases include over 80 titles by Russian developers including Evil Islands and Netherlords by Nival, Sea Dogs and Age of Sail 2 by Akella, and Hard Truck 1-2 by Softlab-NSK, as well as AAA games by Ubi Soft, Novalogic, Take 2, Wanadoo, Empire, Topware, Pan Interactive, JoWooD and other software publishers.

     1C Company is also widely acknowledged as a game developer and has 2 internal studios, that created Konung: Legend of the North(1999) and IL-2 Sturmovik (developed by 1C:Maddox Games and published worldwide by Ubi Soft). Il-2 Sturmovik is a prize-winning WWII combat flight simulation. 1C and 1C:Maddox Games are currently working on a 3D tactical RTS set in WWII environment.

     1C Company works as a publisher and producer with all leading Russian independent development studios such as Nival Interactive, Snowball Interactive, SoftLab-Nsk, K-D LAB, Akella, Creat Studio, Saturn Plus and Gamos. 1C is funding development of such projects as Rig'n'Roll2 by SoftLab-NSK, Smash Cars by Creat Studio, Perimeter by K-D Lab, Jazz and Faust by Saturn Plus and 12 more games.

Saturn Plus

     Saturn Plus specializes in computer games development. Saturn Plus entered the Russian gaming market in 1998 and is known as a quest and adventure games developer. At present Saturn Plus is working on a number of projects among which are "Borderzone" (working title).


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