Jazz and Faust is an exciting adventure game that unfolds in a mysterious and dangerous world of the Ancient East. Unlike other adventure titles, Jazz and Faust is more than a graded adventure resulting in the completion of a preset mission. It represents a well-balanced combination of strong storyline, high-quality 3D graphics and sound and goes on to offer two distinct paths, each offering dozens of nonlinear quests set in a heady and intense atmosphere of ancient ports, stuffy tea-houses and dingy caravans.

     In Jazz and Faust you have the unique opportunity to look at the same events with a different pair of eyes. The effect results from constant contiguity of two linear plots which you live through in the course of gameplay representing one of the two main characters - Jazz or Faust. Jazz and Faust will run into each other throughout the game, separate after a while and follow their own lines, but in the end come to the same final end game. Different personalities and life objectives of the two heroes result in a feeling that you are playing a completely new game when you start it anew with another character.

     All along you will run the risk of being killed, robbed or sold into slavery at every corner. It is not easy to survive here, but upon completion of your quest , you will be rewarded with countless riches.