The game world consists of approximately 90 scenes and is inhabited by about 50 characters. There are three distinct worlds separated by the sea.

     The first one is the world of sands, caravans and ghost towns hidden in the desert, where the sultry caravansaries are packed with tramps and dope smokers. During the day, as a rule, dozens of slaves are traded here for gold and camels at the slave market and at night people usually while their time away in stuffy teahouses.

     Having crossed the sea you find yourself in the next world. It is made up of many cities scattered across the coast. The cities are populated with people who make their living from the sea. Sailors-smugglers together with loot dealers lead fast lives there.

     The last world is an island state which lies between the other two worlds, owing much of its local color and features to its neighboring worlds.

     Although there are many differences in the ways of life of the citizens of these three worlds, the overwhelming majority of these people are mercantile, who live from moment to moment and are generally ready to do anything for the right amount of money. In general the game world is a place where vicious passions are driven by a lust for wealth, and while playing you stand an equal chance of meeting fearless heroes or desperate scoundrels.